AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic Rope

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U.S. made AmSteel®-Blue synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking strength than that of a steel cable but weighs far less. It won't bind up or develop those sharp frays that give nasty slivers. It doesn't conduct electricity or heat, so it won't freeze your hands in the winter. It won't rust or kink. It's far safer as it has low recoil or doesn't stretch. It even floats in water. AmSteel®-Blue has a proprietary coating called Samthane which protects the cable from damage, water, salt and sand - other brands do not have this coating. It is a MUST HAVE for any serious ATV, UTV or SxS off-road rider!

• Made in the USA
• Coating: proprietary Samthane
• Cable: Dyneem
• Eyelet : galvanized steel
• Construction : hand sewn
• Please Note: an aluminum hawse fairlead must be used with AmSteel®-Blue synthetic ropes, NOT a roller fairlead

• Includes sliding 5' protective sheath
• Low stretch
• No kinks, splinters or rust
• Floats in water
• Available in many colors (AmSteel®-Blue is the brand name)
• Replace old cables in 15 minutes or less

• 3/16" x 50' - average strength is 5,400lbs
• 1/4" x 40' - average strength is 8,600lbs
• 1/4" x 65' - average strength is 8,600lbs