5150 187 Style RZR Pro R/XP/Turbo R Mustache

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The 5150 Whips Polaris RZR Pro R/Pro XP/Turbo R Mustache Light is the perfect addition to your Polaris RZR Pro R/Pro XP/Turbo R with the Bluetooth functionality that allows for color control through your smartphone and has a multitude of color options and various functions. The 5150 Whips Polaris RZR Pro R/Pro XP/Turbo R Mustache Light is wrapped in 360 degrees of waterproof lighting coverage making them some of the brightest and most durable LED Mustache on the market.

It is easy to install and it comes with the 5150 Whips lifetime warranty.


  • 5150 Whips Color-changing LED mustache
  • With built-in Bluetooth controller complete
  • App I Magic Light BLE


  • These whips do not work off of a remote but rather an app. The controller is built into the whip and does not need any special wiring. However, these whips chase, cascade, rainbow, or have any animation to them. The free app has the following functions:
      • Colors are changed via the color wheel and thousands of colors area possible.
      • The Function mode is always set to flash in the pre-selected patterns section.
      • Custom mode allows the user to make their own mode and flash patterns for the whips.
      • Music mode allows the whips to flash with the music playing. (This works even when the whips are paired to a Bluetooth stereo system.)
      • Disco Mode allows the whips to change when the sound is picked up thru the phones microphone.
      • Photo mode allows the user to take a photograph of an object and change the whips to that objects color.
      • Group mode allows the user to link up to other 5150 Whips controllers and control all the whips in the group together.


  • Having a group mode also allows the whips to run perfectly in sync at all times and prevents others from being able to control your whips via the wireless remote.


  • Installation parts