5150 LED Whips with Integrated RF Remote

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The 5150 Whips Remote controlled LED Whips are the perfect addition to any SXS, ATV, Jeep, or Truck looking to go riding in the dunes. The remote control functionality allows for color control through the supplied wireless controller and has a multitude of color options and various functions. The whips are wrapped in 360 degrees of waterproof lighting coverage making them some of the brightest and most durable LED whips on the market.

5150's quick release system sets them apart from other whip manufacturers. The patent-pending stainless-steel base requires no tools to install or remove. It allows their whips to be installed and removed in just 1-2 seconds. Other companies have a screw type system that requires a wrench to tighten and loosen. Some designs offer a RCA plug built into the mount. The 5150 Whips base has a lifetime warranty.


  • Wireless RF remote control with 7 quick color buttons
  • The advantage of the RF remote vs IR (infra red) others use is that the remote can be pointed in any direction to work. The IR style needs to be directly pointed at the whip in order to operate the whip
  • The controllers area built into the whip and only a power/ground wire is needed to run to the whip
  • Each whip has 20 different colors and 19 different modes
  • The modes can be slowed down and sped up via the remote control
  • There is also brightness controls on the whips
  • All the remotes are on the same frequency and one remote can operate 2 whips at the same time